Suya Spice and African Cayenne Pepper

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Packed and labeled 226 grams of African ground red cayenne pepper from Fusion Vibes.

African Ground Cayenne Pepper-8oz The pepper is good for making soup, sauce and general food seasoning.

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Do you enjoy adding a little spice to your dishes? If you love the taste of authentic Nigerian flavoring, then order spices from Fusion Vibes Spices. We offer quality spices and seasonings such as Suya spice seasoning, African cayenne pepper.

What Can You Use These Spices For?

Each spice brings its own blend of flavor to the table. Discover what dishes to use for each spice.

Suya Spice Seasoning

A regular seasoning in many Nigerian dishes, this spice derived from peanuts is often used to marinate beef before it's grilled. You can also enjoy it in other dishes like jollof rice, egusi soup, or gizdodo. However, please note that anyone with a peanut allergy should abstain from this spice.

African Cayenne Pepper

This savory spice is a versatile seasoning. You can use it for all types of fare, including soup, beverages, vegetables, meat, dips, egg dishes, and seafood.



Fusion Vibes Spices Suya Spice seasoning can be used to barbeque beef, chicken, lamb chops, fish, and it can also be used as a food seasoning on noodles or on deviled eggs and more. Tired of bland tasting spices to grill or bake your beef, chicken or fish. The Suya Spice seasoning is all you need to marinate and give your meat, fish or chicken just the right taste. Just add salt and oil to marinate your meat, fish or chicken, grill or bake it, and enjoy the Fusion Vibes Suya Spice seasoning great taste. The Suya Spice seasoning can be used for vegan, vegetarian food, as the ingredients does not contain any products derived from animal, all the ingredients is plant based.


The Suya Seasoning is made from African Cayenne pepper, ginger, turmeric, kulikuli (extract of peanut), thyme, cinnamon, salt, nutmeg and garlic. The Suya Spice Seasoning comes in Hot or Mild, the hot version has a spicy kick to it, however it decimates once marinated with a beef, chicken or fish, and the mild does not have the spicy kick to, it, but it still has the great tasting flavor of Fusion Vibes Suya Spices. If you are allergic to peanut, do not use this product.

Why Choose Fusion Vibes Kitchen + Bar?

We are a new business combining Nigerian and American fare for a truly unique experience. Whether you enjoy the taste of traditional Nigerian dishes like Moi Moi or Dundun or want to infuse your food with delicious and hot spices, you will find only authentic seasoning here.

If you want to learn more about how to order spices, then please call us at (972) 543-3888 or fill out our online form. We look forward to helping you discover all the spices you want and enjoy something special in your next culinary creation. Please let us know if you have any questions, and we'll be happy to answer them.